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Sample Report

Wow! How do you do that?!

We walk every email through seven steps in order to categorize and clean your mailing list.

  1. 1. Formatting, Typos, and SyntaxDoes the email address conform to proper formats?
  2. 2. Domain & MX RecordsIs the email’s domain name valid and operating a mail server?
  3. 3. Disposability AnalysisWas the email specially created for a specific web site or use?
  4. 4. Team & Role AddressesIs the email an address intended for a team or an individual?
  5. 5. Accept All QueryDoes the server provide any validation information for emails?
  6. 6. Dynamic ReroutingIf the server returned an unexpected response, try again from a different geography.
  7. 7. Server HandshakeDoes the server accept or reject the email as valid?

The Six Buckets of Email

Your report places emails into six different categories to help you understand which emails are safe and happy, and which put your deliverability at risk.

Safe to Send
emails whose validity was confirmed by the recipient mail servers.
Nothing but net

emails that would hard bounce and should be removed.
Like a full court free throw

emails typically created by users for specific web sites. Send at your discretion.
Intentional Fouling

emails typically shared by a group of users such as "". Send at your discretion.
The bench is deeep

Accept All
emails where the recipient server does not provide further information.
The ref's looking the other way

emails where the recipient server is temporarily offline.

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